Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Brunch

Brunch is my favorite meal. While I love breakfast food, I don't like the timing of
american breakfast. I recall with displeasure "breakfast meetings" held at 7 am
an hour that I didn't want to be awake, never mind eating.

Brunch for me, some call supper, eaten at the time of lunch and combining aspects of breakfast.

Today wild smoked Alaskan sockeye salmon arrived in a golden pouch. Along with it came
baklava,fruit butters, blackberry and assorted galettes and preserves. When I rolled out in the arctic cold to drag in the boxes, a red car turned the corner and slowed,
had they been contemplating stealing my boxes? The salmon box proclaimed
salmon, with a red inked picture of one leaping.

It was too cold for me to look at who was looking. Inside, excited by the arrival of these delicacies, I thought about Garibaldi on Babylon 5 awaiting the arrival of ingredients, and G'Kar the Narn eating rice thrown at Delenn and Sheridan's wedding; or his disagreement with Londo the Centauri on the right time to eat spoo; and the visual joke of flarn, the food of the Minbari, that looked like tofu. I too am at home, far from from home, re/creating its tastes and smells

I made a version of what we called "scrambled eggs with stuff in 'em". My mother began to experiment with eggs at one point and we all thrilled to the amended and enhanced eggs. I remember the taste awakening when she added soy sauce to them... the door of possibilities was thrown open back in the sixties in that Queens kitchen.

Today my "stuff" was green scallions and mushrooms,chopped, sauteed in extra virgin cold pressed olive oil, seasoned with sea salt, garlic powder, and pepper.

I whisked two egg whites, one egg yolk, about two tbl. of the smoked salmon and
one and half tbl.of the salmon juice, together until forthy.

When the "stuff" shrank and was glistening, I turned the heat down and poured over the egg-salmon mixture. When it was set, as if for omelette, I stirred it, once, twice.
then cut the heat.

Meanwhile in the oven, I warmed a half of a tandoori nan, and half a previously oven baked sweet potato/yam.

Then I plated: scrambled eggs with wild Alaskan salmon, scallions and baby bella mushrooms; warm sweet yam; hot Tandoori nan with apple butter.

My drink was warm goat milk with vanilla, while I watched Rudy Maxa in Sweden eating gravlax, and the last rays of winter sun shined in the warm kitchen.