Saturday, July 19, 2008

Goat Cheese for Lactose Intolerant

ahhh how fortuitous to discover goat cheese.

Now in mimicry of another ancient taste I have goat cheese cheddar and goat cheese feta. I pair these with fresh baked multi-grained currant bread. It makes a hearty breakfast or brunch. Many complimetary tastes in the mouth with the seed, and the sweet currants and the sharp or salty cheese , the wheat, and not that i have a tiny expresso pot I can have coffee brewed to a ripeness of flavor.

and that with very vanilla soymikl is sheer delight.

so simple. so good

what am i reinventing and remembering. My mother taking me to chock full of Nuts on 34 street an Broadway across the street form Macy's in the 1950s and me smelling her coffee and eating datenut or raisin bread with cream cheese. I miss you, mommy.