Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rediscovering Lentils

Ahh! How quickly we forget, how sweet to remember. Lentils were such a part of my early vegetarian menu back in the 70s and I guess the rise of vegetarian soups replaced my making my own.

I soak the beans overnight, rinse

My recipe varies but there are some basics:

olive oil

I circle cut the carrots, med fine chop onions and garlic.
To hot oil in stew pot i add onions then spices, then carrots, then garlic, then any other veggies. Lately this has been
swiss chard...

I don't cook as much as soften and flavor. I pour water from my Brita filter, then add the lentils and sometimes
a half a cup of basmati rice.

Scrumptious and fast food for days!

I cook white or sweet potatoes separately--- with their own savories and then warm them together with the days
portion of soup. I like this as a way to vary the soup and also not overcook it.